Bi Wire vs Jumpers +/or-???

Can anyone tell me if there are sonic benefits either way between using a true biwire speaker cable vs a stereo pair with jumpers? Thx
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assuming the crossover architecture is set right for bi-wiring then bi-wire must be the best method.
Vandersteen Audio strongly recommends biwiring their 2Ces and 3As ASAP-- and to use "true bi-wiring", ie use four SEPARATE wires per speaker-- and Vandersteen isn't into selling wire either. It works for me. Cheers. Craig
thx for the responses, I should have been a bit more specific in my situation...I am using a pair of Duntech Black Knights...with PAD speaker cables and APEX Jumpers...what % of a differnce would I expect in using true Bi Wire speaker cables...isit night and day?? or purely subjective differences...thx