Bi-Wire, Tri-Wire or Other???

I am putting together a system for a friend who has the Alon 4 speakers. Alon recommends tri-wire speaker cables, but I am at a loss as my Talons take a single run of speaker cable. I don't want to break the bank here either. He needs 16 foot runs also so the cables are going to be very long. We are trying to acheive a very musical system and not so much a critical listening system.

Do I go with a bi-wire cable and jumpers, mono run with two jumpers, tri-wire with one spade at the amp end with three separte wires in the cable jacket for each of the LF, MF, HF speaker terminals, three separate cables???

I know Alon has their own cable but I have never heard it.

So some suggestions please, maybe $1000 or less in price? If not possible maybe up to $1500 tops. Or maybe start with something now and add to it later?

Thanks and Happy Listening.
You might email [email protected] who custom manufactures customer required lengths of speaker cable of the highest performance, yet at a reasonable cost.
One simple way to do this is using three pairs of speaker cables. Then, there is no problem re-arranging for future system changes, or possible future sale of cables. They are so good, I doubt you will be selling in future, but you never know. As a price benchmark, I use eight foot pair listing for $180, and I believe in your case there would be a discount for purchasing a package of speaker cables in the lengths you require. I know he has made runs even longer than those you require.
I have successfully replaced more expensive cables with those made by Gregg, and he is easy to work with.
The Alon cables are quite good for the cost. They mate well with their they should. I tried different cables but never found anything better or enough improvement to justify the cost.

They are also small in diameter and are very flexible.

Good luck!
You may want to audition the Linn K-600. It features 3 color coded twisted pair of 12 awg cables. Many Linn speakers feature 3 separate imputs; low, mid & high or midbass, midbass & high. For the cost($36.00 per meter) it's hard to beat.
i am in a simialr boat with the alon II's.

i am hesitant to go with alons black orpheaus speaker cable due to they dont look that great and hard resale value.

current speaker cable is van den hul revalation ( best cable i have found for the alons on top or bottom). i have tried tara master generation, tara prime, ps audio statement, monster 2.4, mit 750 plus s3, az satori, and xlo type 5

btw, the alons are VERY revealing of what is hooked to them and the IV's liked to be tri-wired. here are some suggestions that might work for you.

try a bi-wire for mid & top and a single for bass ( you can also experiment to hear what combo sounds best)

alons black orpheaus - i finally hear it at the ces show in the alon suite ( $100k worth of gear ) and it was pretty awesome.

the new soundstring speaker cable - worked well on alon speakers and rumour has it, they will make the new speaker cables for alon. a bi-wire and a single wire set would work

a set of discovery 1-2-3 or signature biwire and pair of essential - i havent tried this myself- but i have tried the interconnects and they are a good match. also alot of other alon owners have used discovery speaker cables with good results ( and was reviewed in stereophile with discovery)- the factory direct prices are very good.

tara prime on the bottom - great bottom end cable

monster 2.4 biwire and 2.2 - very good cable on the alons. nice imaging and bass- can be a little detailed in the highs ( i was using xlo signature interconnect). monsters only decent cable and well reviewed in audio review and stereophile.

hope that helps,