bi wire suggestions

I'm driving my new B&W 683's with a rotel RB1080 with bi wire capabilities. Currently using monster xp hp speaker cable. Looking to upgrade on a budget. Any suggestions welcome.
Used Analysis Plus Oval 9s are a tremendous upgrade over what you're using - new about $700; used about $350. They come to this site frequently and they are superb cables.

Or, make your own bargain cable that came out very highly in comparison tests with $400-800/pair name-nrand cables done by The Absolute Sound a few years back. Purchase 12-gauge exterior extension cable from Home Depot and fabricate your own. Cut it to your preferred length, clip off the green ground wire at both ends and use the black and white wires for your negative and positive wires, respectively. It shouldn't cost you more that $30. and you'll be amazed at the improvement over the Monster stuff. If you don't like the looks of the orange cable(s) you can buy black cable wrap in the HD electrical section at about $2/10' to cover them. I've made several pair for friends with mid-fi systems and they've been amazed at the improvement. If you don't like the sound, which I sincerely doubt, you're not out much money and you can give them to a friend. Give them about 20 hours to 'break - in."

Good luck.
Well, you have some really good speakers, and you should not compromise, (too much), so I recommend buying two pairs (identical length if possible) of Audience AU24 speaker cables. (FYI: having two pairs is the same as having bi-wired cables, as the bi-wired cables merely share a set of terminations at the amp end). These are really good cables, IMHO, almost to reference level (and according to some reviews, they are). I use them for my Studios, and find them to be among the best I have heard. (Used they can be found for around $400-500 for a 2m pair.)

As far as sound goes, they are pretty neutral with just a touch of warmth. I have compared them to the Nordost Valhalla cables (in my friend's system), and while they did not sound quite as neutral (but very close), or as ruthlessly revealing (what does?), they were within spitting distance of them. (I use a solid state preamp, and a hybrid amp, as well as a pretty neutral sounding cartridge and cdp, and so I don't mind just a touch of warmth being added.)

Here are two reviews of these speakers cables, and both reviewers loved them.

Stereophile Review

10Audio Review

Good luck in your search!
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Me too, for the AP Oval 9. If you can find a deal on the AP Solo Crystal Oval 8s then that would be well worth the extra money, but new they'll set you back about $1800, dependent on length and dealer discount. Used you'll need around $700 to $1000 dependent on length.

If that's too dear, then the Oval 9 is not shabby at all.

The home depot suggestion has me intrigued. I'm going to try it. The orange wire should be an interesting conversation piece. Thanks for all the help.
You should audition a pair of MIT bi-wire cables in you price range, these are true bi-wire cables as they have a network box which sends the proper signal to each driver in you speaker, thus maximazing you speakers performance.