Bi-Wire Speaker Cables for Vandersteen 3A sig.

I am looking for suggestions, I have a Classe' CA400 and ARC LS-22. I am looking used at about $600. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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Running my 3A sigs with a Krell FPB 300 I like Kimber Bi focal xl a little out of your range you might try kimber l's with a jumper until you can swing another pair. before the kimbers i used with great satisfaction straightwire Maistro. well within your budget. good listening.
Well. I'm using a bi-wire set of Kimber Kable 8TC and have been very satisfied. I know you've got a bigger budget available, but if you've considered the 8TC, there is a 12 foot bi-wire pair for $175 that was just listed today here on A-gon.
I've been very impressed with Harmonic Technology's Pro-9 bi-wire speaker cables. Used from around $400 to $700 depending on length.
I am using the ZU WAX Bi-wire and these babies make my 3A sig's sing. Depending on the length you need, the bi-wire might be out of your range, but they sell a jumper that I hear works great. They also have a trade-up program in case you decide to get the single run now and bi-wire later.

Often they have auctions on e-bay and you can pick them up for a real good price.

Go to for more info.
I had the Vandersteen 2c speakers and the MIT MH-750 Shotgun had a real synergy with them.I believe there is a reviewer on that uses these with his Vandy 3's and swears by them.He has a review on them.Look for review by Jon Gale.It's been a while since I read it.Review I think was in 2000.Good hunting.
I can recommend the Syn Res Signature #10 (re-placement for the Sig #2)-- either is excellent bi-wired with the 3As/sigs. They're excellent all copper wires and are in your price range. The only downside is they're a little on the stiff side. Cheers. Craig