Bi-wire speaker cable for B&W Matrix 3's

I have a pair of B&W Matrix 3series 2. They were the model under the 802's Around four years ago, I started using MIT Term 2 Bi-wire. I previously used Monster M-1000. Sound became more coherent, but less dyanmic. I now realized that MIT was a big mistake and a wrong match for this speaker. My question is can I put new life back into this 11 year old speaker with say Analysis Plus Oval 9 speaker cable. Any suggestions?? These speakers have been on the selling block for over a year, but I always liked them; but slowly began to dislike them after installing the MIT wire. All suggestions appreciated, My equipment is Aragon 4004 MK2; Conrad Johnson PV-8 Sonographe SC-1 CD player and VPI-19 JR table and a Blue Point Special cartrige. Thanks, Jimbo
I have the B&W801s also ( series2). I once used the same M/1000 and switched over to Spk. cbl. A/quest/truth Midnight X 3(lows) and Argent(top). works great Interconnects. Lapis x3 silver. Great combo. Much better than Monster M series. Much cleaner through the middle,tighter bass, great smooth highs. Good Luck!
Take a look at the "cable shootout" here. It may give you some ideas.
If you want lively BiWire take a look at Nordost.
I own a pair of B&W MAtrix 2's in my bedroom setup
They sound nice with Harmonic Technology Pro 9's or 11's.
I ran a double run of Kimber 8TC between my BW801 series2 and my Aragon 4004 for 4 years. It was a very good cable set. My Sonic Frontiers SFL-2 preamp connected with Kimber KCAG. This was a great combo. I have since changed my amp to Sonic Frontiers Power 3 and my speaker cable to Nordost SPM biwired. I would recomend this change also, though the cost is much higher.