Bi-wire Silverline Prelude II: Is it worth it??

I have a pair of Silverline Prelude II speakers. They can be bi-wired. Need input from owners of the same model if it is worth the expense of another set of cables to bi-wire. I have Analysis Plus Oval 12 and would only invest in another pair of speaker cables if they will provide improvement in bass control and HF frenency smoothness. Thanks Jim
I owned Sonata III speakers and bought Silverline bi-wire cables on the recommendation of the owner. About a year later, I bought some Gregg Straley Reality cable bi-wire, and single wire with jumpers. Of all the options, the single wire with jumpers sounded best to my ears despite what the owner of Silverline Audio recommended.

I sold the Silverline speaker cable at a significant loss.

What I'd suggest is buying some single wire with jumpers, and bi-wire cables from the same manufacturer, and one that offers a home trial. Experiment with both options.

Lately, I have been quite impressed with the SP3 speaker cables from Morrow Audio. I mention this because they not only sound very good, but they are reasonably priced, and they come with a 60 day home trial.
I have the same speakers and use 6' Zu Libtec cables with Ibis jumpers, the Libtecs hooked to the lower posts. I suggest trying some Analysis jumpers.
The Preludes do have a jumper connection to both pairs of speaker inputs. But, I think Tvad and Dill are suggesting something else... Do you mean use another set of speakers cables and leave the Silverline jumper bars connected to the two pair of speaker inputs( higher and lower)?? Please let me know. Thank you for responding to my question. Jim
Remove the Silverline jumper bars and replace them with jumpers of the same make and model as the speaker cabling you choose.

Obviously, if you bi-wire, the jumpers are removed entirely.

This a good speaker (and a better value), but it isn't the most revealing or resolving device in the world. I use a modestly priced single wire and would hesitate to throw too much money at cabling up the Preludes. Just MHO.

Mine sound fine with single run ZU Mission and Cardas Rhodium jumpers.
Better than Morrow SP-3.Straighwire Maestro,Nordost Blue,
MIT Avt,Audio Anaalysis 12 or DNM Reson.
Preludes are VERY revealing speakers (I have 'em) and deserve good cables. I actually talked to Alan Yun (thought I needed a new driver...false alarm) and he said not to biwire 'em. According to him they're more coherant using single runs of GOOD cable...I tried both bi and single and I agree with Alan. He also warned me to not lose the jumpers (in his adoreable Chinese accent)...they're costly to replace. Also, those jumpers do NOT need to be replaced with anything...if one bit of audio nonesense exists, it's the sound of an inch and a half of