bi wire question

My speakers are bi wireable. My amp is a stero tube amp with multiple binding posts. The speaker manufactuer recommends bi wiring. Would there be sonic advantages to utilizing two sets of speaker wires if only using a stereo amp and not two amps for bi wiring?
yes it separates the signal that is going to the tweeter from the signal going to the woofer. at the very least you double the cross section of wire going to your speaker.

you will get many opinions on this subject and it all depends on the speakers and your ears.

you do not need two amps to be true bi wire.

there are many posts on the subject, look them up in the archives.

give it a try and have some fun with it.
I'd not bother to run twin sets of speaker cables. A biwire set wuold or should suffice.

Maker of speaker cables choose specific conductors for the high pass and low pass ckt of audio info.

For the added gain one might get by using two entirely separate sets of speaker cables vs. a bi-wired set, and the costs for each, i'D STAY WITH SIMPLE BIRES.

BTW... I've done both.
As stated earlier there are many opinions on the benefits of biwiring so here's mine. Get a set of biwire cables as Blindjim suggests and try it. I have several sets of biwire cables and use them when applicable. Adding another amp would be bi-amping and that's an entirely different thing with more varied opinions.
I agree with Blindjim's suggestions as well.

The following link provides what I think is a pretty good explanation of bi-wiring and its advantages, although I would expect that the magnitude of the advantages it describes would be system dependent, and subtle in many cases:

-- Al