Bi Wire question

Which will yield better sound: wiring my Usher speakers using bi-wire cables and the A output of my NAD intergrated amp, or using regular cables from the A output and the B output of the NAD to the Ushers? Thanks
Hi Todd,

I think that those two alternatives might very conceivably be sonically indistinguishable, but if there is a difference I suspect that the better alternative would be to use regular cables from both A and B.

That would keep the mid/hi frequency currents and the low frequency currents separate nearly all the way back to the output circuitry of the power amplifier section of your NAD. If you were to connect biwire cables to A, those currents would flow in common through the switch that selects between A and B and A+B, as well as through the wiring between that switch and the output terminals.

And of course connecting separately to A and B has the added advantage of enabling you to use regular cables.

-- Al
I don't think you will have any sonic gain either.Sometimes people will run a low powered tube amp to drive the mids and highs,and a separate tube or solid state for the lows.That takes a lot of load off of the amp driving the upper or lower frequencies.
After midnight post?I agreed with AL on his post,but I started thinking of some of the advantages for Bi-amping.I drifted to another subject!Sorry.