BI-Wire Or Full Range Speaker cables

Hell all I am looking to try some audioquest speaker cables CV8/Rockefellers or Gibraltar’s
Shoud I look to get Bi-wire or run Full range with the speakers jumpers on my Paradigm 40's ?

12 x .5



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When I had a pair of 40's I could not tell a difference when bi-wiring and not. Just run them with the jumpers and save some coin.
There are some advantages to biwiring rather than using single speaker cables. I use Linn equipment which is intended to be upgraded in this manner and I did notice some improvements going to biwires. However, with other brands, reports from other Audiogoners in other threads indicate that it is very system dependent. You should try to borrow cables from a friend or a store to see if it makes a difference in your system. If it does work for you, it can be a relatively cheap upgrade if the cables are modestly priced.
First you are definitely on track with trying AQ cables especially DBS.. with that...

I would not use jumpers but instead...CV8 is in the circular array series and should not be single bi-wired. In this price range definitely Rockefeller, it is made for bi-wiring. If you move up to Gibralter money I would instead go with a double bi-wire of CV8.

Thanks I will pick up a pair of Bi-Wired AQ Rockefellers -I hope I can notice an improvement ~