Bi-Wire or Double Run of Single Wire ???

I have a two pairs of single run speaker cables that I want to use in my Den system. I want to use both single pairs and Bi-Wire. Has anyone experimented with this?? My questions is: Is it better to re-terminate the two pairs together at the amplifier end, or is will there be no sonic difference if I just put the two sets of spades together in the binding post on the amplifier?? Thanks in advance!!!
I do not think that it makes any difference. I have used bare wire twisted together as one at the amp (for a shotgun setup) as well as bare wire plus bananas (the bananas on the low end). I thought that I could hear a difference when the bananas were on the high end though. More important is just having solid/tight connections however that is achieved. I have pretty good binding posts on my speakers and amps which still need to re-tightened every week or so (maybe it's from vibration and or heating and cooling, I don't know).
I agree with Dekay. It doesn't matter-- just be sure you get good contact and tight (not over tight) connections. Good Luck. Craig
I third in all respects.
Save your self time.Sell both cables buy a better single run and jumper the speakers.
Try them first and then sell them for something different, you will feel better about it then. LOL.
That's how I'm running my mains. My old amp had biwire terminals (Parasound), the new amp (Classe) doesn't. So I've got both spades on the one terminal and it sounds great.
The real question is: Which option will allow for the best tightest connection? If you're trying to fit two pairs of spades onto the back of your amp it's unlikely you will be able to get a good connection. The last two sets of speaker cable I used were bi-wires. I prefer those to single runs of speaker cable with jumpers on the back of the speakers.
I have them coming to the posts from 180 degree opposite directions. The cable is fairly flexible and I bring the one set up from the bottom and the other pair down from the top. It surprised me how easily and well this worked out.