Bi-Wire - Ohm and RMS Rating Split

Using my JBL E90's for front mains. These are dual 8" with 1mid and 1tweet. Im thinking about Bi-Wire these E90's. Any ideas on how the 110wpc/440peak @ 8Ohms (per speaker) is split when you Bi-Wire?? Also wondering how the Ohms gets divided up....? They have a max. amp power of 250RMS..I have a Rotel 6channel Amp that is at 100RMS per channel and I want to use 4 of the channels as a pre amp to the bi-wire on the E90's and Then eventually bi-wire the Centerchannel which is the EC35 on my SYSTEM1- thats to be determined later.
The bass always uses most of the power, so I would think that the 110/440 rating applies to it. The ohms are not divided.

If your Rotel is 100wpc, that is all you will get to the woofer(s). If more power is what you want, this bi-amping will not help.

Thanks Kr4 - No, Im not trying to get more power. I have bi-wired the speakers with my AVR235 which runs about 70wpc in stereo mode. I really liked the seperation and I wanted to boost it up a little by running 2 channels to each E90 which would be 200RMS with the Rotel. Thats why I was wondering what happend to the wpc/Ohms...I dont want to distroy my main baby's ...any thoughts!
Don't worry about the ohms. OTOH, you are NOT getting the equivalent of 200w by bi-amping. Barely more than 100w, effectively.

I went ahead and bi-wired with 14GA from the AVR to the speaker terminals.
awsome sound could not be happier..
did not use the Rotel at this time...