Bi wire off 4 and 8 ohm taps.

Hoping to get some guidance before I possibly destroy amps or speakers. My question may be in the running for top 10 lame ones of the year but somewhere I read there are no dumb questions. I’ve been thinking about bi wiring my VR 33's from a pair of Consonnance M400 el34 mono amps. Aside from the running a second full length cable vs. jumpers, can a run from the 4 ohm tap go the woofer terminal and the mid run from the 8 ohm position or is that a recipe for disaster? I wouldn’t raise my hand in class with this question but I feel pretty secure online. Thanks for any feed back.

It won’t harm the amp or the speakers.  Go ahead and see if it sounds better or not.
I’ve been running a biwire arrangement in my Vandersteens using the 4ohm tap for the bass and the 8ohm tap for the mid/high from my McIntosh amp. No issues. My suggestion is to experiment to see what sounds better, biwire using separate taps or the same tap.
Thank you both for your feedback.