Bi-Wire Jumpers

Just an FYI I have a pair of Sonus Faber Olympica three's I am using Cardas golden reference, never bothered with the Bi-Wire option just listened for almost a year , then on a whim bought a pair of Cardas Bi-wire jumpers. What a difference ! those little plates were killing performance , those Jumpers cost me 100.00 and made just an awesome improvement in just about every aspect of the speakers performance, I was stunned. my advice, ditch those little metal plates as fast as you can. I think now I might just go for a set of Bi-Wire cables.
well then again maybe I'll leave well enough alone. very happy with the jumper arrangement.
If you haven’t tried the diagonal configuration on the Nordost link, you should try it; that’s the set up I use and prefer as well.
I Just made experimentation about Biwire and use of Jumper. And I am not sure about biwire speaker cable is as good as single wire with good jumper ? What I have notice is after a few weeks with two pair of good speaker wire (one pair with banana BFA and the second pair Spades) the result is: good details music more in front. I return to one pair with spades connecte to the bass speaker binding post, with jumper to the mid tweeter speaker binding post, result: best intigration of instruments, much more balance music, musical timbre, less in front music as if it is a little center back, I think its more homogeneous music.
My next step, would be overkill, if I use the second speaker pair with BFA banana, also connected to the bass speaker binding post.  There is a little difference between the two pair, one is Straightwire Crescendo II and the other is Crescendo III.  More to come.

akg_ca,  ... However, single wiring will often sound the most musically coherent.  I think you are right with the term "Coherent".