Bi Wire cables for B W 805N

I am looking for suggestions on a Bi-Wire cable for my 805's
My Amp is a Linn Klout and pre-amp is a BAT VK 30 SE. The 805's run full range with a Velodyne HGS-12.
For a reasonable priced cable,I don't think you can beat the DH Labs Q-10. I'm using them bi-wired with B&W CDM 7NT. After about a 50-75 hour break-in, they really open up.
I would definitely go with the Valhalla. It is unbelievably open, fast and controlled while still being extremely musical.
I also run my 805's full range, with a REL strata III sub, and am very happy with my Harmonic Technology Pro9 Plus bi-wire cables. Their is enough controversy and plenty of hype in the cable business, but the overwhelmingly positive reviews (Stereophile, Absolute Sound, etc.) of Harmonic Tech's line is on the money in my experience. Maybe starting with a better quality ("single crystal") material makes the real difference, I wouldn't know. They are still reasonably priced, and do show up at Audiogon for about 60% of their retail price. DH Labs do make a good quality product for the money. I use their cable for my sub, but they are not in the same league as H.T. The 805's deserve the best you can afford.Haven't heard the Valhalla. Good luck.
While I have heard the Valhalla on another speaker, I was not willing to commit the $$$. After many experiments, I have settled on the Ensemble Megaflux for my 805N. I had always used Bi-wire, but some reason I can't explain, I went back to a homemade jumper and a non-bi-wire cable. Results are astounding. See the thread....Cables, a case history of an agnostic.... for my feelings about this cable. Note that I am using different electronics and no Sub. I do believe that cables can be very system dependent!
I'm running N805 well with Kimber Bi-Focal XL. They reveal the details I've never heard before from any systems.

I have owned three different cables in both bi-wire or shotgun configurations which all worked very nicely with my 805N's(used with a REL Stadium II, ARC LS25 and VT100MKII). Initially I used AQ Sterling Plus, and then switched to Harmonic Tech Pro-9 Plus's. The HT Pro-9's were markedly better in soundstaging depth and width, and in top/bottom extension. (The AQ Sterlings did have a warmer midrange than the HT's.)As much as I liked the HT's,I had a chance to audition several interconnects and speaker cables from Acoustice Zen. (I believe the A. Zen designer Robert Lee formerly designed cables with Harmonic Tech.)The Acoustic Zen shotgun Satori speaker cables were an across-the-board improvement. Most noticable is a remarkable 3D presentation of images within a much larger soundstage than I had ever heard before in my system. Also, the frequency extremes are quite a bit more extended, and the top-end presents a silky, liquid quality even on CD's that had always had an edge before. I was really amazed at the performance of these cables and ended up buying both the Acoustic Zen speaker cables and interconnects. Good luck and enjoy your search!