Bi - Wire Cable Usage

I have an idea; I want to use one bi-wired cable on both ends to vertically bi - amp. Is this possible?
A bit of experience and advice to get you an even better result. Use the bi-wire cable as one cable; parallel the spades to make one pair of pos/neg at each end. Pursue a second set of speaker cables, and use them for the other set to bi-wire. Ideally you will want the same brand, and if possible the same model, of speaker cable as the second set. 

The result will almost assuredly be better in every respect sonically. If the cables are different brand/model, you can switch the cables between bass and mid/tweet to find which sounds better to you.  :)
What you are looking for is bi-amp bi-wire.  A few of the better manufacturers make it and make it correctly as long as they understand what you are doing

I suppose how the cable is made. Linn made bi-wire and tri-wire cables, K400 and K600. They used separate plus/minus cable runs separated from each other in each cable.