Bi wire / bi amp

I was wondering what I would need to bi-wire and bi- amp my current setup. I will be auditioning speakers that enable be to bi-wire, but what I am interested in doing is to use a solid state amp to drive the bass and a tube amp to drive the mid and tweeters. This is a concept I read about here but in truth I don't know what this means in terms of cables, interconnects, connectors. etc. I don't even understand how to set up a bi-wired amp. Having never been in this position of bi-rigging, I don't know where to begin. Any thoughts appreciated.
Some info. on this subject: Also a search on this forum for both terms (bi-amp)(bi-wire) will turn up lots of good info.

The Cary website had an article about biamping. They are big fans of biamping @ Cary.

Thanks all.