Bi-wire amp connection?

I know, I know... another damn bi-wire thread!!!

I want to bi-wire from my ADCOM 5400 amp to my two main speakers, and I want to use two runs of high quality wire. However the amp only has one set of binding posts? Is it ok to connect one cable with a bananna plug from the center and the other from the side with a gold pin? Also, when you insert the pin through the hole on the side of the binding post it gets in the way of the bananna plug and they touch one another (is that a problem?). However,I do think the bananna plug is making plenty of contact for a good connection before it encounters the intersecting pin.
What should I do?
I have used your method and it worked good. Make sure the bananna is secure and not wobbly, and that the nut can still be tightened snugly. You can also use 2 spade lugs as well. As with any multiple connection, the 2 ends should not meet until they both reach the connection. It sounds like you have a 'simultaneous' connection, so you should be OK. Replacing the pinned connector with a spade lug may work even better.
If possible use only spades. Some of the best amps (like Krell) allow only spade connections. They far and away make the best connection.
I had the same dilemma a while back. You may want to consider selling your wires, and buying some wires that are meant for this set up. Four wires at the speaker end, two wires on the amp end (per channel), and yes, if at all possible go with spades.
The best way to deal with this issue is to use two spade lugs on one binding post (spade lugs DO make the best connection as previously stated);

The best spade lugs are made of solid silver, and they are not too expensive if you carefully look around :-)