bi-amping with Tube and SS amp

Bi-amping question: 

Is it possible to use a tube amplifier to run my HT speakers without disconnecting HT SS amp? 
In other words, can I connect a tube amp to my L R channel using top binding posts and use the tube amp for music. The HT amp will be off but remain connected via bottom posts. 


If I get what you are doing, you'll have both amps connected and one will be on at a time. The problem with that is that the amp that is not on is now a load to the other amp and you will be feeding the amp a lot of current. Probably a good way to start a fire. 

@ei001h I am not an electrical engineer, but I wouldn't connect to amplifier together with speaker cables which is essentially what this would be doing.  I doubt amplifiers have a lot of circuit protection from this type of load.  

@mceljo is correct. You need a switcher with built-in dummy load to connect both tube amp and HT amp to your speaker.


The resistor dummy load is to protect the tube amp’s output transformer from damage if accidentally switch the tube amp disconnected from speaker while the tube amp still turn-on.