Bi Amping with Rotel RA 1062 & RB 1070

Any comments in regards to bi-amping a pair of B&W 704's with the rotel ra 1062 integrated and the rb 1070 amp, versus using the rotel rc 1070 pre-amp and rb 1070 amp?

I would greatly appreciate any comments or insights.


The combo of the 1062 and the 1070 could be difficult, unless you are meaning to use the 1062 only as a pre amp. I'm guessing not since you mentioned biamping. You don't have any gain control on the 1070, so there is no way to match levels with your 1062 driving the top end. You'd be better off using the 1070 pre amp the and 1070 amp without biamping in my opinion.
The purpose of biamping is to separately control the speakers highs and lows. This requres an active XO. No biggie. Behringer and DBX make nice analog XOs for less than $200.

You plug your CD or preamp L/R ouputs into the XO. From there, the low/high specific interconnects go from the XO to the amps.