Bi amping with Musical Fidelity A3cr

I have the MF amp for my Spica's and a Carver for ACI Sub one's. I currently use a simple y adaptor out of my preamp. The MF amp has a set of jacks on the back called right and left loop out. Upscale Audio's website says they are for biamping, but my owners manual does not even mention them. Do I just run rca interconnects from the MF amp loop out jacks to the carver and eliminate the y adaptor? I don't want to risk any damage.

Thanks for your help.
yes, those line out jacks on your MF amp are the same as on your pre amp. Use the ones on the back of your MF AC3r to eliminate the y adaptor.
Thanks Ron, I have eliminated the y adaptor and hooked up the sub amp directly from the MF. Works fine.