Bi-amping via Y-cables sound quality

I have a Linn Classik Music system and a Bryston 2b LP in a bi-amp configuration (The classik drives the tweeters while the bryston drives the mids) using Nordost Red Dawn interconnects.
I am thinking about getting a second bryston 2b and using the Linn strictly as a pre amp. Since the Linn only has 1 set of pre outs and the bryston doesn't have any pre-outs, I would be forced to use Y-cables to accomplish this.
My question is will the sound quality diminish by using Y-cables?
I really do not want to get a dedicated pre-amp because i like the fact that the Linn has a cd player and tuner built in a compact size.

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When I was doing this I had XLO make me a set of y connectors. Signal Cable or Morrow or others would undoubtedly do it . It is worth the expense if you are using good cable elsewhere.