Bi-amping using ACCUPHASE electronics

I am looking for opinion from the experienced audiophiles/dealers what would be a recommended combination in using Accuphase electronics for bi-amping speakers explicitly designed to be bi-amped, with a resulting significant audible benefits.
My current proposed configuration is:
Accupahse C-2410 as pre-amp.
2 x Accuphase A-45 as power amps (for either vertical or horizontal bi-amping)
Von Schweikert VR-5A speakers (4 ohms W, 8 ohms M/T)
Any suggestions/corrections to the proposed configuration?
Thanks in advance.
I am familiar with Accuphase A-45. Indeed a good amp. I would run as Mono instead of Biamping.
Thank you Mert. The mono would be ideal to quatruple the power to woofer section but my idea was to take advantage of VR speakers designed specifically to be bi-amped by powering the midrange and tweeter section by one amp and woofer section by another. Ideally, I should use A-30 for M/T and A-60 for woofer but sensitivities/gains are different. Bi-amping with different amps A vesrus AB, neddless to say with difefrent brands or SS versus tubes, it would only aggreviate the compatibility. Any other advantages of using these amps in MONO configuration, besides for greater amplification?
You will need an active XO. Try either DBX or Behringer CX 2310 < $200 from Musician's Friend. I have both, but use the Behringer as it also has a sub woofer I/O
i have the same system like yours but only one A-45 please update us on the outcome because i am considering ordering the second amp to bi-amp proac d38
I am an owner if 2xA-45 and in my ears it always
sounds its best as bridged mono-amps, regardless of speakers.
Its the same for A-60.

Kind regards