Bi-amping Tablettes with a Classik?

Fellow 'philes, I'm pondering a minor set up change but before I go ahead, I'd like some opinions. A very simple system consisting of a Linn Classik (integrated/tuner/CDP), ten feet of Linn 10 gauge wire, and Proac Tablette 2000 speakers. The Tablettes can be biwired and come with these rather ugly shorting bars. The Classik has two speaker outputs so I'm thinking, I ought to run two sets of wires out of the Classik and get rid of those pesky shorting bars on the Tablettes. I'd hafta buy another set of weird Linn connectors to plug into the back of the amp so I'm hoping some of you can give me some guidance. Any harm in doing this? Will the bass and treble sections end up being driven equally? Is it worth the time and trouble, would I likely hear any benefits? As always, I appreciate any opinions. Thanks, Jeff
You'd be eliminating one link (the shorters) which is good thing. As to equal driving, no problem, it's the same amp output with two sets of posts connected to it. You'll need to start with identical cables (length, model), though. On the speaker side, each cable will be feeding a different point on the cross-over (i.e., the physical c-over point...), so the signal will be fed a tad more "directly" to the speaker units.

Having no experience with the Tabs I can't comment on sonic benefits -- sorry. I'm afraid you'll have to try (can't you borrow those posts and audition before U buy?). As a *very* general rule, I don't bi/tri/wire for two main reasons: a) two sets of wires to speaker change the impedance of this link & I've found this a hassle b) the cost of the extra speaker cable...

Hopefully someone has specifically tried biwiring the Tablettes?

jeff, what yude be doing is bi-wiring, not bi-amping. i had nice result biwiring my present monitors, but bi-amping (especially wertically, if ya got identical amps), is even better. i had a pair of tablette 2000 signatures in my system for a couple of weeks, & they were wery nice bi-amped w/an electrocompaniet aw100 on the bottom & an aw75 on the top. but, i dint try 'em w/only one amp, either single-wired, or bi-wired... they mated wery vell w/my vmps subs, crossed over at 70hz btw... ;~)

doug s.