Bi-amping spectron musician II w/Gallo ref 3.1

I just purchased a second Spectron Musician II with the intent of running each amp in mono block configuration to my Gallo Ref 3.1's. Not realizing this was not possible it seems my only option is to either upgrade to the hybrid plus, or simply Bi-amp. I do plan on doing the Hybrid upgrade somewhere down the line but for now would like to possibly Bi-amp. I do have the Gallo sub amp but i have a feeling that will not be able to be used if i Bi-amp my Spectrons.

My current components being used are as follows:

Preamp: Lexicon MC-12 balanced
Main Amps: (2) Spectron Musician II (no upgrades)
Surround Amp: Lexicon LX-7
Sub Amp: Anthony Gallo SA
MAIN: Anthony Gallo reference 3.1
Center :Anthony Gallo Reference AV
Surrounds: Anthony Gallo Due

So basically my question is how to Bi-Amp my system correctly as i have never done this before.

ps. i am currently using xlr connections from my preamp to the spectron and the sub out to the SA amp with regular speaker wire running from each to the speakers (spectron to the top binding posts, SA amp to the lower posts)

Thank you in advance,
Hi Jaime,
Have you gotten any response to your bi-amping post?

I am somewhat puzzled myself at the bi-amping issue. I could swear I could discern a difference when I horizontally bi-ampe my system.
First, if passive bi-amping doesn't work as many suggest, what is the point of having those four terminals in the back of the speakers?
Are they there solely for active bi-ampings or just to fool us?
I just bought a pair of B&W 803 diamond as an upgrade from a previous pair of Matrix 3 that i have had.

Active bi-amping would require to open the speaker box and play with the crossover, which would not be a wise move if you want to preserve your warranty, especially for a pair that expensive.

I also have two 200W/pc Rotels, I have owned for a few years now, and which that I plan to upgrade soon -- One driving the lows and the other the highs.
They said I would be better off getting a more powerful amp. Well, the problem is a more powerful is more expensive than buying the two amps combined that I am interested in. That is one issue. The other issue is the more wattage, the heavier the amp seems, which means after a while it becomes impossible for one human being to lift it.
Therefore to get this desired power, I would settle for two amps.

My other question, would one 200w/pc amp give me the same result? It doesn't seem to be case when I tried that.

So there is a case to be made that sometimes it is better to get two amps than just one big amp for the reasons stated above.
If the two amps don't make any difference, why would one bigger with twice the power one, say 300-400 w/pc, make any difference?
Any elaboration would be appreciated.

Than you all in advance,


I spoke recently with people from Gallo Acoustic regarding Gallo Reference 3.5 and bi-ampling.

As I was explained, Ref 3.5 lower binding posts lead to passive woofer and signal there first must not have hi-freq components. It means that if you want to bi-amp your speakers you first have to get external crossover for lower set of the binding post.

If Ref 3.1 is very different from 3.5 I would be suprised. At any rate you should ask Gallo technical support.

IMO, their inexpensive amplifer will do the job of supporting passive woofer and Musician is too much of fine tool for this simple job. In my experience and opinion, you would be much, much better of (sonically) if you will use your two Musican amps in fully balanced mode.

Distortion free music is glorious !!!!

All The Best,