Bi-amping Revel Gems with a tube integrated amp

Hey guys,

I was wondering if I would see much bennifit to bi-amping my Revel Gems by adding a tube integrated amp. Here is my current setup:

Placette passive linestage
Krell 400CX amp (output 1 from placette)
Revel Gems
Revel B15 (output 2 from placette)

So my thoughts would be to Y output 1 of the placette into the Krell and a tube integrated amp. Then I assume I could balance the different gains of the amplifiers using the volume on the tube integrated amp. Could I just use an SPL meter and adjust the tube amp until a freq level in the tweeter level match a freq level in the midrange? Would the gain of each amp be linear? So once I set the tube volume I would never have to adjust it again?

Would adding a tube amp to just the tweeter make a difference? I mean I've heard solidstate is better for bass right? But is it more for low bass and not as much for midrange.

I know the bi-amping topic has been discussed a lot, any thoughts would be great.

The problem I see is that you are going to be splitting the output of your CD player 3 ways. The passive box provided no gain so the output stage of your CD player or other source is going to have to drive 3 devices by itself while also driving a considerable amount of cable. I am currently using a passive myself and can see a considerable difference between the output stages of different CD players just driving one amp.
Well I'm actually driving my placette passive linestage with a PS Audio GCPH phono preamp with volume control. Also the Placette has two outputs.
A passive preamp has only one output even though it may have multiple output jacks.