Bi-amping needed....

I'm kinda new at this high-end hobby.....I have 2 Golden Tube Audio SE40-SE amps that have little use, and have not been updated or modified. They are set up in monoblock configuration, delivering 80 wpc. I also have a B&K 105wpc solid state. I would like to tri-amp my Martin Logan Ascents, using the SE40'S on the panels, and using the B&K to drive the woofers. Does anyone see any problems in doing this?? Any help or suggestions will be greatly appreciated.......thanks all
If neither set of amps has adjustable gain, you may have a problem matching the levels of top and bottom to get some kinda reasonable balance/linearity. This could be solved by an electronic crossover.
OR you might get lucky and like the response on the first try.
Also, watch out for ground loops.
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Depends on the input sensitivity. In other words, if one amp's input is more sensitive than the other it will be louder. This could create a situation where the bass was too loud and not match the level of the panels, or vice versa.

If this is indeed the case you can always add a passive to the line to the louder side and level match with it.

You have nothing to lose to try it as long as you have enough interconnect and a preamp with 2 sets of outputs.

Be aware that if your preamp has one set balanced and one set single-ended, the balanced outputs will be louder by +6db. This may also help to level match.

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Paul :-)
Thanks much Paul and guys are the best. The outputs on the Golden Tubes are fixed, but the B&K has adjustable I can try to match the outputs of the tube amps. I just wanted to make sure that I was going to damage any of the equpit....and also I have heard that the Golden tube amps have some stability probs... so I wanted to get some addition outside feedback from all you pros on that...........thanks much again