Bi-Amping question...

Hi all:

Just had a quick question for soemone who may have experience with bi-amping this amp. So the quick background with this amp is that it's a 2-channel integrated amp with tape-out also, but can also serve as a preamp alone. The unique quality/flaw is that if you use just the pre-amp, technically, the speaker terminals are hot.

With that being said, can I bi-amp by just connecting the low end to the Krell and have the pre-out go to my monoblocks (which in turn will connect to the mid and high)?

How is bi-amping done normally?
Yes, you should be able to do that.

However, if the Krells have more gain than the integrated you won't be able to turn the integrated loud enough to match.

Some folks biamp with matching amps. I think using tubes for top end, and SS for bass matches each amp to its strength though.

I'm also biamping, but I'm using a Marchand active crossover between the preamp and amps to split and adjust the signal.

John C.
If I understand what you want to do correctly, you will have a full range signal going to your bass drivers via the Krell, and also a full range signal going to your mids/highs. If this is the case, you will need to preserve the passive crossover in your speakers.
In which case the biamp setup is essentally a wasted effort.
Biamping usually is undertaken to bypass/eliminate the crossover from bass to mid/high.
You then need an active crossover.
**Beware-send a full range signal to your mid/highs at your peril!** Use an active crossover!