Bi-Amping power amps

Which is the best method of biamping, using a pair of stereo power amps? Use one for each speaker (left to HF,right(with left signal)to LF, or the standard(?)left/right HF to one power amp and left/right LF to other. Or do you recommend something else (split HF, and LF of each speaker across each power amp to balance power draw? I have yet to try all of the above. Has anyone out there tried any of these options??
Hi I use to have my NHT 2.5i bi amplified with an NHT SA-2 subwoofer amp running the R and L lows and a KST-100 running the R & L highs and it worked out pretty good since the SA-2 has a crossover and volume adjustment therefore I can fine tune the base response. If you want to know more on biamping here's a very useful link, check it out-->

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If they are identical amps (as they should be) I would suggest one amp by each speaker for several reasons: You can use interconnects to go the majority of the way (they usually hold up to distance better than speaker cables, especially XLR) and then use one or two foot speaker cables. This also means you can get two of your high-current devices away from the rest of your gear, which is good. Also having one amp per channel means that you no longer care about cahnnel seperation. They can bleed over all day and it shouldn't really be a problem. Just be sure that the amps are well matched.
Assuming your amps are the same: Bridge them to mono. Then one for left, the other for right. You'll really see an increase in power, bass, and slam. If the amps are not the same: Use the lower current or sweeter amp for the mid/treble. Use the higher current, more neutral(or harsh), or worse sounding amp for the bass.
The amps are a pair of Audiolab 8000P power amps, so should be identical (made in same year!). How do I bridge them to mono ?? I thought stereo amps had to specifically be mono bridge capable? Thanks for input so far.
Instructiuons on how to do this are given in the back of manuals for Mark Levinson 300 series amplifiers. You can get these by going to the Madrigal website ( For bridging you will need to strap the grounds together and have a "Y" connector made to go between your preamp and the stereo amp, with leads reversed. Bridging is tricky and may not sound well compared with bi-amping. If you have enough power from the amps, then bi-amping is the way to go.