Bi-amping Polk LSi9s...good integrated amps???

Any suggestions on a good integrated amp to bi-amp my new pair of Polk LSi9s? I'd like to keep it under $1,500. They're 4 to me....
Hi Clay; I'm talking to you. OK, you get my opinion: Whatever the cost of 2 amps---forget it and get 1 amp that is better. Most of the time you would need an outboard crossover to match volumes,is part of one good amp is better and less costly and cluttered + eaisier on the power bill and the heat generated. Read some of the threads that talk about "which intergrated" .There are quite a few of 'em.---This is just my opinion but I suspect many biamped systems could be bettered with one good amp.
To biamp you mainly need to know 2 things:
1- Do your speakers have separated Xovers, ussually if they are biwareable Xover should be separate, most importantly: at what freq. do your speakers use the mids from, lets say anything from 500 hz down It will be good to biamp (make that 250 hz better) If your mids are crossed at 2k forget about it you will never integrate the sound, you will have bass going in one direction and the highs going in another...
2- Usually the idea behind biamping is using each amp topology where they work best, say tubed for the mid high and SS for bass, If you are biamping with the same amps you get more power same sound. If you have a very powerful good quality amp and your speakers Xover at 3k forget about biamping.
Integrated is good since you have a volume control to match the volumes of both amps.
If you really like the sound of tubes but your speakers are low efficciency biemping can help.

Sorry I dont feel like erasing my post I just got the data for your speakers....yes not biampable, get subwoofers and cut the lower freq out of your good as biamping.