Bi amping my Vonschwikert VR4jrs

I want to bi amp my VR4jr's but have been told that i need perfectly matched amps to do this. Is it possible to run my larger amp 200wpc for the base units, and a smaller amp for the mids/tweets?
Celeste HT3 Amp
Sim Audio Moon p-5 pre amp
Vonschwikert VR4jr speakers
Project RM5
I'm currently bi-amping a pair of vr4 hse's, with a 175wpc amp for bass units and 60 watt Dyna mk iiis on the mids/tweets, with very good results. The ss power amp has volume pots which makes it easier (They're set between "4" and "5"), but if you don't have them there's probably a relatively inexpensive way of attenuating the pre-outs going to the bass amp.

Here's a good thread on the subject started by Albert himself.
No you don't need "perfectly matched amps", but you do have to be able to control the gain within reason on at least one of the amps, whereby then you can match the gain being delieved too both. Leading to a balanced presentation into your very very nice speakers.
As a listener, not an engineer, is there anyone in the Sacramento California area that can point me in the right direction to get this resister/gain thing figured out?
In the thread I cited, Albert mentioned Michael Percy at, who could put together the resistors you need.

He also mentions something simple: the Channel Islands Audio vpc-3 Passive Controller. It essentially functions as a volume knob for your Celeste HT3. Once you hook it up (with interconnects--nothing technical), you can lower the output of your bass amp to match the output of your mid/tweet amp, whatever that may be. Once the vpc is set, you can then simply use the volume knob on your pre to raise or lower the volume on the whole thing. You can probably get some good advice from the folks at Channel Islands in any case. BTW, what amp are you looking at for the mids/tweets?
Just curiuos- why do you not simply bi-wire?
I am not sure what amp to get. Thats the next step after figuring out how to get it done. I am thinking Tube 25-40 WPC. i am very budget minded. any recommendations?
What's your budget?
I am bi wired at this point using Audioquest sst solid core. I chose the solid core because it really tightened up the bass. I listen mostly to classic rock and Jazz. although it has great sound now, i am looking for sweeter M/T than i curently get.
There are lots of great choices out there, and a quick search through the archives will give you a sense of the amps you could get for 1500 or less. I've been very happy with a pair of Will Vincent's ("autospec") restored Dynaco mk iiis, which come in at around 1200. That and a 300 dollar vpc-3 would put you right at your budget. But options abound. Good luck.