Bi-amping MBL 101's - combining tube & ss

i'm thinking about a pair of mbl 101's. i currently use david berning quadrature z's at 200watts per channel. i love this amp and am wondering if i can biamp, using a bigger amp for the woofers, and run the berning's for the mid/tweeters. i don't want to yet endulnge in an external crossover. would like to somehow do this leveraging the internal crossover. thoughts?
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Maxitonus, your reply is so misleading but obviously your own opinion and from the date saying "about 8 years ago" suggest you owned a very old model.

I own the version prior to the current MK2's as of date and there is no such metalic sound present what so ever you refer to nor the coloured sound so you have left me scratching my head wandering what the hech was wrong with your set-up.

Davidhyman, I had PM'd you previously did you receive. These speakers are true bi-wired but in relation to your question above I do not know because I have not tried and do not know of anyone who has. Possibly ask someone over at MBL but then again they will most likely just want to steer you into using their amps etc.

VAC Statement 450 mono blocks paired up with Vac's Sig. pre are a match made in heaven with these speakers period, nothing else I have heard comes close.
I second Dev advice - the "metalic" only shows in MBLs when they are not properly setup - and this includes improper room acoustics. Some amplifiers, irrespective of power could make them sound also anemic and thin, highlighting their intrinsic colorations.

My experience was with old 101C - and used with the wrong ancillaries they could sound this way. But when everything was perfect they sounded great.

I also was told that current models are much improved in these aspects, but have no experience with them
thanks dev.

what do you mean by PM'd me?

as i said, i ain't giving up the bernings! i gotta make this work or i gotta pass on the speakers.
Soundsbeyondspecs, thank you! i think i get it. i'll have to re-read a few times to fully digest.

make sure my preamp as dual outputs to two sets of amps.

might have to put some variable control between bass amp and speaker.
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