Bi Amping Martin Logan Vantages

In my quest for audio nirvana I am currently experimenting with various amps and setups.

I scoured the internet for info on bi amping martin logan's and I have found only limited info on the vojtko crossover and whether it is passive or active and if anyone has actually had success bi amping a pair.

My most current setup includes (or will include) an Onkyo PR 5507 running AQ Sky IC and AQ Meteors to Kharma MP150's (experimenting with class D currently).

In addition to adding 2 sets of cable and ic I wanted to try bi amping 2 Emotiva XPA-2's to each speaker running 2 ic's to each amp and 2 full range sc's to each speaker.

Forum is open to any and all comments good or bad.

there is already a 200 watt purpose designed amp driving the woofer.
Are you attached to the Onkyo? Try a tubed pre. Save your money on buying an extra amp.
Too much detail to explain the purposes of using the AVP instead of the Pre/Pro. Suffice to say it will all come together next year in Spring with the "right" setup.

For right now still testing and learing for that end result hence this particular topic.