Bi-amping - Low Frequency Drivers

I am toying with the idea of Bi-amping my Meadowlark Nightingales.

I would also like to be able to adjust the amount of input to the amp that is powering the low frequency drivers. I was thinking that I could use an integated amp for them, but maybe there are other options?

I appreciate any input. Regards.
I would find a way to suppress the gain to the amps driving the high frequencies, perhaps with a passive control.

With this set up, your single source (preamp) drives twin mono blocks (or dual stereo amps) with the passive inserted between the preamp and high frequency amps.

Reducing the gain to these HF amps is equal to raising gain on the bass. If you find there is one perfect setting, you can possibly build a resistor network to insert at the input of the HF amps, removing the passive unit all together.

I hope this doesnÂ’t sound too confusing. It is the cleanest and least intrusive way to have separate gain controls with four amps, short of an electronic crossover.

Based on my experience, 1 DB of loss is a lot, I think you will be surprised how much 1 DB changes the balance between the bass and highs.

Good luck with your project.
I use four channels of a five channel amp to bi-amp right now. I did exactly what Albertporter recomends to give a little more slam to the low end since the speakers sound best a little further away from the wall. Each channel has an gain knob so I just dialed the HF channels down by a fraction.