Bi-amping LF with high-powered pro amplifiers

Has anyone tried bi-amping the low-frequecy portion of their speakers with high powered pro-amplifiers? I am think that one may be able to get the best bass definition using pro-amp such as the Crown macro tech series with >1000W/8 ohm with >5000 damping factor (rated all the way down to 1 ohm). I know most will argue that these may not be sonically equivalent to class A or A/B amps, but what would the result be if one were to direct the power from a Crown Macro tech amp to LF portion of the speaker, and use the likes of Ayre for the mids and highs?

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Yeap...done many a time by many a peoples.
I currently use a Crown XTi my bass drivers. The Crown has a DSP with electronic crossover, EQ, delay, etc.
500W into 4ohms.
I use a tube amp on my mid/hi drivers (320Hz and up)