Bi-amping levinson 33H, 432

Hi all,

I've just bought a second hand pair of 33H. I will use them to drive a pair of Revel Studio's or Salon's.
Has anyone have experience bi-amping the Studio/salon with the 33H on the mid/high and a ML 336/432 on the low. Would the improve the sounds compared to the 33H's alone?

Thanks for your comments.

I heard this set up with a 336 (+33h) on both spkr models you mention. However, this was done using an external xover (line-level).
The sound was significantly better on the Salons and maybe, slightly better on the small ones (than 33h alone).
However, that's quite an amplification investment for those spkrs. Note that the owner had both amp models lying around -- so the financial aspect was a non issue...
I use two pair of 436s on my Salons. I would try the 33h by theirselves, then the 33h on the top, and 336 on the low.