bi-amping Lamm m1.2's

Was wondering if anyone has done this with they're speakers and what positves [or negatives] the change brought to the soundstage,presentation etc.
thanks to all,
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I think you would be better off if you mention your speakers, ie...I own (blank speakers)...I'm thinking about bi-amping...has enyone bi-amped these speakers?

You don't bi-amp amps. bi-amping means using two stereo, or four mono amps to drive one pair of speakers. One amp drives the bass section, another amp drives the mid/high section.

Some speakers are not bi-amp ready, need to by-pass the internal crossover and add an active external crossover...not something that is easy to do with all speaker systems.

Jake: I am assuming that since you are asking that you already know that your speakers have the capability to be bi-amped.

The real question is why would you want to add another pair of very expensive amplifiers if, and I hope I am not mistaken about my assumtion, you are not already extremely pleased with the soundstaging and presentation the amplifiers are already providing.

Do you feel your speakers are sufficiently powered? If so, how would you implement the bi-amping? Does your preamplifier have that capability? Would you have to split the signal?

You need to first consider whether your preamplifier can handle the task.

Now, there is always the possibilitie that performance could increase. When one amplifier is only powering mids and highs and another is only powering lows, increased performance is usually experienced. But, before purchasing another ecxpensive pair of amplifiers, do your homework with regards to the actual setup.

Good Luck!
Thank G.. someone out there knows about active(electronic) crossovers. I have a John Curl solid state model,and a 3 way tube custom made crossover. Is there a market for this gear? I have retired from the scene and these units are not being used.