Bi amping Horz / Vert / Parallel / Series ????

Suggestions, comments, and reccomendations. I have two Electrocompaniet AW 60's which can also be used in mono. Looking for the ideal set up for two channel with bi-wireable ProAc Tab 50 Sigs and Meadowlark speakers. Not sure about pros / cons to any of these setup configurations.
I would think using one amp per speaker with one channel for highs and the other for lows would be the way to go. As opposed to one amp driving both lows and the other both the highs. The reasons beings, firstly aside from having monoblocks as a byproduct, is each amp won't have as much draw on the bass, which is where the power is needed and problems creep in. One amp with both its channels doing the bass will be seeing more work at peak power points which could push it to its limits than the former way. And in the former way, I don't think the highs will be messed up if one channel is drawing alot of current for the bass part. I could be wrong. Shouldn't be too hard to experiment though.
Alb, I own Proac Tab 50 Sigs too, and ran them with an Electrocompaniet ECI-3 integrated last year. Nice combo. I've mostly run my speakers biwired, and have never experimented with using two amps. Let us know what works out for you.

Ezmeralda, that is vertical biamping you're describing isn't it? I know there are many threads on this subject, but I get confused now and then. I have read many success stories using the method you describe.
I'm assuming these are stereo amps...Go with one amp on each speaker. You can place the amps as close to the speakers as you want. I ran stereo amps like this on my Magnepan 3.3rs. In the case of the Magnepans (4 ohm impedence) I could not bridge the amps & drive the resulting 2 ohm load. So I went with this "vertical bi-amp" mode. The only reason you would want to run "horizontal bi-amp" mode is if you had 2 different amps - like a tube amp on the tweeters & solid state on the woofers.
You should try to have both of these amps biased by a tech.-it's important in this installation to have them as closely matched as possible.

Ya, that's vertical, like daniel also said. They mess me up too, have to stop and think.
i run my aw60ftt's vertically bi-amped, & i think it's great. never tried 'em horizontally bi-amped, but it sounds better than the aw75 & aw100 i previously had running horizontally bi-amped.

i also never tried the aw60's bridged - no need to, really, unless the 60 watts/channel isn't enough for any single driver. as my monitors are 89db/1w/1m efficient, this 60w output of an aw60's one channel is sufficient to drive a woofer of my monitors. in my case, this is further helped, cuz my monitors never see signals below 60hz, being crossed over to subs w/a marchand xm-9... :>)

the aw60ftt, stable to below 0.5 ohms in stereo, can be effectively bridged w/demanding speakers, tho - they will still handle loads <1 ohm...