Bi-Amping - Good active crossover? Help


I am going to be bi-amping a pair of Infinity Kappa 9's My pre-amp is a Yamaha CX-1000 and my power amps are 2 Yamaha MX-1000's (260 wpc each so I will be sending 520 watts to each K 9) Anyway I need a good active crossover that I can adjust around 80hz. Cosmetically I don't want anything that is rack mountable, I want it component width and I want it to be black. I want it line-level of course so I can put it inbetween the pre amp and power amp. I don't want some cheap piece of crap that will be the weak link in the system and I don't want to spend a fortune either. What should I get?
deluxe wersion of the marchand xm-9. excellent quality; it will be the *strongest* link in yer system, imho. not wery spendy, either.

Strongly second the opinion on the Marchand XM-9 Deluxe. Also the HSU outboard x-over is another option. It's smaller and a bit rinky dink looking next to the Marchand but is quite transparent and can be hidden if you so desire
I agree with the Marchand XM9 recommendation. I own this xover, and like its flexibility of adjustments. You can also change the xover freq. by easily swapping different "cards" yourself. Sonically it is very neutral. Be sure to order the deluxe version (better op-amps and connectors), and request stepped attenuators instead of potentiometers, for enhanced neutrality. I'd also suggest you have them assemble the unit, unless you're a real DIY, then you can spend the extra time listening to music. Must admit I haven't compared this to other xovers, but my system is pretty revealing, and the Marchand seems fine.