bi-amping for VSA 4JR's

I would like to have tubes for M/T and SS for base. I am a plug and play kinda guy. Any suggestions?
I tried this with my VR4 genIII's - it is not pug and play. After fiddling with it for a day I punted. I ended up with a vertical biamp arrangement using identical Electron Kinetics Eagle 4 SS power amps. It's a fair bit better than using just one of the Eagle 4's, and better than other single amps I tried. Now and then I rotate in my TAD 60 tube amp full range. It's different - much nicer in some ways (mid's imaging), not as good in others (bass, dynamics).
I recently bi-amped my VR4 genIIIs with great results. For tubed mids and tweets I bought a pair of Will Vincent's (autospec) Dynaco mk iiis (he has an identical pair for sale here now, I do believe), and for the bass cabinets I'm using a recapped Kenwood supreme 700m; pre-amp is a 700c.

What made things easy--you mentioned being a "plug-and-play kinda guy"--is having 1)a power amp with a volume control and 2) a pre-amp with two sets of outputs. No fuss no muss. You simply reduce the volume on the ss amp so that it matches the output on your tube amp (or amps), and you're good to go. In my case, the 700m puts out about 190 wpc, the Dynacos 60 wpc, so I set the volume on the 700m to about 4, and leave it alone.

There are lots of good amps out there, of course, but I will just say that you won't be disappointed in Will's Dyna mk iiis. Hard to beat for that price, and they're gorgeous to look at if that matters. Good luck.
Thanks for the suggestions. Do ya'll run the same speaker cables for M/T-base?
yes, I have identical cables on both modules.
Same cables.
I have VR Sr 4's biwired and use silver Guerilla for the woofer and copper for the mid/tweeter. This give me smoother highs and fast defined bass