bi-amping Dunlavy IV speakers

I recently bought some tube amps--EAR 509's---and sold my Krell KSA 200s. The new EAR's are gorgeous up top and mids but lack the weight, authority, and tautness of the Krell bass.

The Dunlavy's are bi-ampable but there's nothing in the owner's manual about this. Anybody have any experience bi-amping Dunlvay IV's??
I used to bi-wire my SC-IV's with a Krell KSA-50S and they definitely sound better that way, bi-amping ought to be even better.

To bi-amp, you can either:

1. almost like bi-wiring, run the full range signal to the highs from one channel of your amp, and the lows from another. Make sure to use the same brand and model amp or you won't be matching the signals going to the higns and lows.

2. use an outboard electronic crossover and split the signal before the amps. This will give you the flexibility and chance to try and blend different amps to give you the bass that you're used to.

Just a suggestion, if you're going to use the same amps, use one for the right side and the other for the left. This gives you an extra bit of separation in the channels, almost like using mono blocks. Also, use the same brand, model and length of speaker cable for the highs and lows.
I vertically bi-amp the Dunlavy Vs. I'm using Audio Research D200 amps. Using Richard Gray products have
definitely made a difference in bass performance!
Could someone please tell me which binding posts on the Dunlavy's are for the highs and which are for the lows? They are not labelled. I am assuming the top pair are the highs and the bottom pair the lows, but I would like to know for sure.
The tops are the highs, bottoms and the lows.
Thanks, Krell_man.
I just forced myself to purchase the Dunlavy Aletha which are also bi-wire-able (Upgrading from Nautilus 805). I use Krell KSA250, KSP-7B, and Cardas Quadlink speaker cables. I am thinking to upgrading the cables since I want to get a more "open" vocals. If I have a very limited budget (as I have spent over-budget for the alethas), is it better to upgrade to better cables (but non-bi-wire) or get another similar cables to bi-wire them? Which cables is good to get a more open/ dynamic vocals? Thanks