bi-amping dali speakers

i just picked up a pair of dali euphonia m4's. i am bi-amping them with two 110wpc linn amps. the linn speakers that they replaced sounded much better with 2 amps. the dali's sound a little better. it's pretty subtle, but the mid & upper freq's are improved.

i'm wondering if it's because of more power to the speaker, which could be accomplished with a bigger stereo amp, or is it the separate power supply, cable, a/c cord, etc, etc.

i'd like to get different electronics, but would rather just have a single stereo amp.

anyone have any experience or opinions?

i've been thinking about rowland ss or mcintosh tubes for something different.
Hi Tim.
I have a pair of Dali Ikon 6s driven by a NAD 2x 90w amp. As a replacement for the NAD, I just bought an Aragon 2 x 200w amp here on AGon. Delivery due this week.

I'll let you know what the results of the power increase are on this thread.
I just bought a Rowland 304 which I use to biamp my speakers. The improvements were not subtle and I have become a huge Rowland fan. There is a 304 for sale right now that is a steal. I paid much more for mine.
I have the MS-4's now with the PASS INT-150 integrated, which is 150 wpc at 8 ohms. I'm running them bi-wired with purist cables. Before this they were powered with a Bat VK-250 amp and a single run of transparent ultra and some jumpers. First off, I think bi-wired or bi-amped is the way to go over a single run and jumpers. That being said, I can't say I think linn would be a great match for the Dali's. I've never heard them together, but have a good amount of experience with Linn. I think a McIntosh 402 or Pass 250.5 would be a great amp that would really let the Dali's sing. I heard the Pass 250.5 with my Dali's and _loved_ the sound. I thought the Bat was a fine amp, just a little too polite for my taste with the Dali's. Depending on if you run balanced or single ended I'd also look at Edge. Sim sounds good with Dali too, which I know from experience. There are a ton of options. What's your budget. What else is in the chain? Feel free to contact me offline.