Bi-Amping - Best Way?

What is the best way to hook up (2) bridgeable amps in my system? My speakers have to inputs each.
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The following suggestion really depends on the rest of your system (especially the preamp) & the brand of your speakers. It also depends on whether you want to bridge your amps for power or just split them to drive different drivers in your speakers. It is impossible to make suggestions without knowing the brand of the speakers & their crossover layout.
My components are all Classe as follows: CDP-1 CD player, CP-47.5 preamp, & (2) CA-150 amps. I have "temporary" RSL Elan speakers for now, which I run bridged since my present speakers have only (1) input. I am saving $ for Dunlavy SC-IV/A speakers. My preamp has (1) balanced output (which I could split?) & (2) single-ended outputs. What if I were to purchase ProAc Repsonse 5's or B&W Nautilus 802's or Aerial Acoustic 7b's? Would this change the best way to bi-amp? What if I later added (1) or (2) subwoofers such as Velodyne HGS-18's or Bag End S18E's with their ELF-1 "dual-integrator outboard electronic crossover?" the latter requiring at least (1) more amplifier or possibly (2) more CA-150's? Thanks for your suggestions.
My experience with bridging two classés has been negative in the past. The classés and many other amps seem to have a harder sound with an unpleasant edge in the treble once bridged. I do not see the benefit of this setup when you sacrifice musicality for power that you do not need. Biamping on the other hand can be extremely beneficial in certain cases. By biamping speakers the caliber of Proacs you will end up getting a more solid bass with wider & more open sound stage and more solid imaging. Plus other benefits. By biamping you introduce an easier load to each amplifier. While biamping you should use the same type of interconnects & speaker cables for both amps, otherwise you could end up with a flawed sound. You do not need to split your balance outputs. You can use both the single ended & balanced at the same time. You should experiment with the XLR for the top amp & the RCA for the bottom & then switch, this way you will know which combination you prefer. You might even end up preferring to use only the single ended outputs. I know on many occasions I have personally preferred the sound of single ended inputs over the XLRs. It also comes down to the type of cables you end up using. I am not familiar with the Bag Ends but you do not need any more amplication if you use powered subs like the velodyne.
If you are really interested in bi-amping purchase an electronic x-over then send the signal accordinly. I have this same set up but I use ABI amps and a Meridian preamp. The sound is very power ful and totally adjustable- and to my liking. but I listem to primararly Jazz and Rock. Its all about your preferances. I am a big fan of the digital domain-(CLEAN !)and with a digital x-over you can "tune" the system to your liking. Vist a pro audio shop i.e a music store to preview the results. Enjoy : )