Bi-amping B&W 703's

I've got a pair of B&W 703's and a pair of matching Electrocompaniet AW220's.

Currently I'm using the amps in their mono setting one for each speaker.

Not sure if this would work with the crossover, but would there be any advantage in removing the plates that connect the speaker terminals and use one amp in stereo mode for the bass and one in stereo mode for the mid and highs?

Any input would be appreciated.

No- you would use both channels on each amp.

So you have both channels of amp 1 plugged into speaker 1. One channel on the high frequency terminals, the other on the low.

Same thing for speaker 2/ amp 2.

This is called vertical biamping and is typically adventageous because the amps power supply/toroid only needs to drive the low fequency drivers on one speaker.

Just remember to pull the jumpers off each speakers biwire terminals (high freq to low freq bridges) so you dont short out the amp.

Good luck- I really like the way the EC stuff sounds. It seems like a good match for B&W.

Thanks Robr45,

I thought that if only one channel from the preamp goes into an unbridged stereo amp I'd only get an output signal on one side of the amp (basically one side isn't used due to a lack of the signal).

Does that mean I'd have to split the preamp signal and feed it into both sides of the stereo amp?


Yes, you would use a y-adapter on the amp end if your pre does not have two pairs of outputs. I should have mentioned that. Sorry.

Single RCAs come off the pre- terminate into a single female y adapter that splits to dual male RCAs. Repeat on amp/speaker 2.

Radio shack sells decent y adapters. If you like this setup you could spend a little money and get a pair from Audioquest or one of the other better cable manufacturers.
Just spoke to a guy at work who used to work for a TV station and worked a lot on their electronics there.

When I asked him about the y-adapters he was a little concerned about splitting the signal that way since the load would change as well. He suggested to use a little amplifier that has two outputs instead of the y-adapter to keep the signal strength the same.

I'm a mechanical engineer and have always been somewhat at war with electricity (at least my mind has been) and I'd like to find out a little more before I get into this.

Any more suggestions on this issue?

Thanks guys
Ktrauti- Amplifiers with two outputs per channel have an internal circuit that is the same as a Y connector(except perhaps switched). The amplifier would still see the exact same load. Answers like that are probably why that guy isn't working at the TV station any more. The chances of splitting the signal of most pre-amps creating a problem are very slim. There are an awful lot of people out there doing it, as well as recommending it. ( ( ( (