Bi-Amped Aktiv vs. Tri-amped Aktiv?

I have all Linn gear (except for a Rotel phono stage): Classik, LP-12 and Ninkas biwired. I'm considering going Aktiv, having heard a demo of what Aktiv does for the little Katans. The problem is Katans only have two drivers; Ninkas have three. I can't afford tri-amped aktiv. Will going bi-amped aktiv by getting a 5-channel Linn 5125 cause as dramatic an inprovement in my Ninkas as it did for the Katans? I was blown away by what it did for the Katans.

Where is the bigger jump, passive bi-wired to bi-amped aktiv or biamped aktiv to tri-amped aktiv?
Passive bi-wired to active, bi amped, undoubtedly. The ninka’s are two way, and both bass drivers are identical, so you really only need two amplifier channels to go active. If you really wanted to, you could use a third and power each of the bass drivers with it’s own active amp channel, but the big gain is from passive to active. Going from active bi-amped to active tri-amped in these speakers would be similar to the improvement from bi to tri amping them as they are.

FWIW I also have a mainly Linn system, and started out with 5140’s singly amped by a 5105, then over time move to bi-amped, tri-amped and finally active. I can tell you beyond a shadow of a doubt, the biggest change was going active!! Adding amps did help some, but the difference after going active was amazing! The bass was so much deeper and tighter, the highs had more air, they almost sounded like different speakers!

If I where in your situation, I’d go the bi-amped active configuration, it’s just the most efficient improvement you will make. A word of warning though….. give the active cards a while to burn in!!!! When I first did it to my 5140’s I was really disappointed, the highs where rough, the bass boomy, basically the speakers sounded WORSE initially, once the cards burned in, the sound just kept on getting better! I loved it so much, I have the center and surrounds active as well! If you use a 5125, you would need two stereo cards for the ninka’s, and you would still have the mono amp channel left open.

FWIW there is a person on Ebay selling the active cards your looking for...
Thanks Kenny, that is the answer I was hoping for! I can afford a 5125; I can't afford three 2250's (or even LK 140's). This seems like the best way to get a big improvement at the least cost. And thank's for the warning about burning them in - it will be stressful enough waiting - worse if you didn't know it would improve.

No problem, you'll love them even more once the cards burn in!

FWIW even my wife (girlfriend at the time) even noticed a huge it 'just wasn't me'