Bi-amp with Pass Aleph 0s and 3?

I own a Pass Aleph 0s and was considering to go for a bi-amplification configuration by adding a Pass Aleph 3 to the system, in order to achieve a more liquid and tridimensional sound, while keeping the good performance on lower frequencies.
I mostly liesten to jazz and films (2.0 cinema system).

Loudspeaker is a 3.5way prototype, permiting tri-amplification.
The idea would be to use Aleph 3 on 800-20.000Hz (speaker connection 1) and Aleph 0s on 0-800Hz frequencies (speaker connections 2 and 3).

According to your experience, do you believe this could work?

Thank you.
yes....this works & very well indeed, the only thing is you should match up your have 0's get another 0's or atleast aleph 5 .....the 3 is no slouch mind you but the 5 produces more current and bass..deeper sounstage is also a benefit.
There are no Aleph 5's for sale on my country (only 0s, 0, and 3).
I agree that the Aleph 0s has much more current than the Aleph 3, but I was considering using the Aleph 3 only on mid and high band, where the current problem should not apply. Also, a second Aleph 0s is too much for my pocket.
Another possibility would be to keep the Aleph 0s for the three superior drivers and add a 200-300W dedicate amplifier to the low-frequency driver (0-200Hz). Tri-amplification is also a possibility.
What do you find better:
1. Aleph 0s alone (tri-wire)
2. Aleph 3 + Aleph 0s in the bass and lower-bass
3. Aleph 0s + DENON or NAD 200W amplifier in the lower-bass
4. Aleph 0s + 2x DENON or NAD amplifier in the bass and lower-bass (tri-amplification)

(DENON POA-2800 or POA-6600 or POA-S10; NAD 218THX or S200)

Thank you