Bi amp will it work

I have a mark levinson 335 and a mark levinson 332 amps, both working mint. I want to bi amp my B@W Matrix 800 speakers that i just picked up.I have a pre pro onyko 5508, that will let you turn off the rear channels left and right. and use the xlr out for bi amping. will the Ml amps work ok togethier or do i need to match the amps closer together 250 watts that doubles down vs 200 watts that double down.
You need to check the input sensitivity/gain of the two amps. Odds are that they are the same but, if not, you will need to find a way to balance them.
It appears that both amps provide gains of 26.8 db, so that should work fine.

This assumes that the input connections to both amps are via XLR, not XLR to one amp and RCA to the other.

-- Al
Thanks for the info will give it a try.
It will only work fine if you can control the amp driving the tweeters...they only require a fraction of the wattage required by the low end, and if you drive 'em with 200 watts you can expect to blow them immediately.
There is no reason to "control the amp driving the tweeters" since (1) the output is synched with the overall levels and limited by the LF amp output and (2) the passive XO components in the speaker will be protective.
Wolf, the amount of power delivered to the tweeters will be determined by the high frequency content of the signal that goes into the amp, increased by the 26.8 db voltage gain of the amp. By "high frequency content" I mean the frequency components of the signal which are within the range of frequencies that the crossover network allows to be passed to the tweeters.

In the proposed biamp configuration the tweeters will see the same amount of power that they would see if the speakers were single-amp'd using that 200W amplifier, assuming equal volume levels in the two situations.

-- Al
Oh. OK then.
very interesting!