Bi-amp Vandy 2's

Anyone bi amp the Vandy's across - 1 amp to the bass and 1 to the mid tweets? Does it require any internal speaker mods? External X over?
Thanks Zen
In the manual it says you can vertical bi-amp with two identical stereo amplifiers.
If they are not identical would need an external crossover with the proper slope. I am not sure why you would want to do this since Richard put so much care into the design of his crossovers.
Passive bi-amping doesn't involve any alteration of the crossover. Active bi-amping would involve palying around with the crossover, which Vandersteen do not recommend. Check out the Vandersteen website. They have a very good and detailed FAQ section. If your questions aren't answered there, submit a question. You may get a reply from the man himself!
I didn't state I wanted to do it, I was curious if anyone had and what thier experience was. So many people swear by bi-amping, I figured someone must have tried the Vandy's. I personally am content bi-wired.
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Does anyone have a copy of the Vandy Model 2 manual (serial # 13866&7) oldie's but goodie's- They don't have it on the Vandy site _ which is a pretty lame site BTW. Other than the fact that you can correspond with Richard.