Bi-Amp Vandersteen 3A?

Has anyone tried Bi-amping Vandersteen 3's using solid state on bottom and tubes on top? Please leave me your impressions on how this works out, if at all. I am currently using an Audio Research D-90B tube amp full range and would like to improve bass. Is this a viable option and what works good on the bass amp? Thanks.
I am currently bi-amping Vandersteen 3A Signatures with Mark Levinson 331 amplifiers and Yamamura 6000 speaker cables. Originally, I had been bi-wiring with two pairs of Kimber KC8 cables. The sound quality was improved, greater resolution, better base, etc. However, I am not sure thet the improvement was worth the expense of buying another amplifier and additional Y-interconnects and speaker cables (about $5K). If you really like the Vandersteens, the may want to do this, but I now feel that it may have been more cost effective to just buy different speakers. In your case, I believe that the Vandersteen manual says that you should use identical amplifiers because matching gain is difficult.
Have you though to try Vandersteen Subs. I'm using 3A sig with a tube amp and a pair of 2wq subs with very good results. The Vandersteen website has a few very interesting reviews and comments regarding how to improve base response using the 2wq subs with primary music systems. I had a d-90 amp with Vandersteen 2ce's and one single sub years ago. This setup improved detail for this setup removes low frequency load away from the amp. One option may be to purchase a single sub now and add a secound unit at a later date, dual sub work very well. If music is your primary use,I also think the newer 2wq's work better for they allow more adjustment per your room acoustics etc. It would be nice if a local dealer would let you try a subwoofer with the proper crossover to match your amp at your home. Good luck.