Bi-amp solution for Tannoy R2

Hi folks. I have a pair of Tannoy Revolution R2 loudspeakers. They came with a Marantz surround amp which I used to bi-amp them by using the surround L & R to power the bass. 90 watts per channel. Not bad.

I stumbled, however, on a blown Peachtree Nova and bought it for relatively nothing. I am awaiting a PCB which will put it back in order, and will be using the unit as DAC, Preamp and Poweramp for the Mid/Treble.

My question is, given the existing components (The Marantz will go to my HT setup), what amp would you suggest for powering the bass? I'd like a poweramp with a volume control so that I can tweak the bass level. My budget is somewhere in the $300 range and I prefer to buy used.

I listen to all kinds of music from Glenn Gould to Steely Dan to Pat Metheney to Yes to the Stones. I'm not a basshead; I would like to hear what the recording engineer intended ;-)

A fine day to you all.
don't go crazy biamping R2 they won't benefit especially if you'd like to hear what recording engineer intended. moreover they'll loose portion of their already somewhat poor dynamic range. use single amp upto 100wpc.
Okay. In other words, I should get some better speakers. What would you suggest a step above these? Thanks.
if your budget is only $300, you can stick with one amp or get the dedicated single amp for your current speakers. if you have a space, you can go vintage valley such as klipsch heresy which are $500 in good condition.
you can also go active with wharfdale titan 12, a very well regarded pro audio speaker that performs well for home audio.
Thanks for the advice Marakanetz. I cannot find the Heresy for less than 1500 euros near me. I can get the Wharfedales new for 350. How about the Klipsch RF-62? Would they be a move up and a good match for the Peachtree Nova? I can get them new for around 700 euros.
I did find the Heresy III in Germany for 700 obo. But at that price, I suppose I could do better used than them or the RF-62.
Go Wharfdale valley. It'll save your funds and you don't need amp at all. They do however have an option for the external amp is that is of your interest to experiment. I don't know much about RF62
It seems to me pricey, because we have it same number in dollars new. They're great speakers in fact best B&W ones.
I believe yes, but you have to check. You may always have a chance to listen to Wharfdale ones as well before your monetary decision.

So I ended up "finding" some money and buying a pair of BC Acoustique Ganga. Wow. They are currently bi-amped by the Marantz as I am still waiting for the Peachtree parts. So I guess I'm back to my original question, just with a different pair of speakers - thanks for the nudge Marakanetz ;-)

I will be going usb to the Peachtree DAC and preamp, then driving the mids/highs with the peachtree amp. I'll be looking for a used amp that will drive the bass. Any suggestions? $400 / 300€ roughly.

The Gangas are very efficient (or should I say more efficient than the Tannoy). I have the Marantz amp set about 5 db lower for the same volume I got from the Tannoys.

Is there an argument for not bi-amping? Maybe I should just run the speakers full-range with the Peachtree.

At any rate, I'm having fun and enjoying music that had not really moved me since the 70's.
When I look up xps 1000 I only find 'Gem sound' amps. Did you mean xls, or am I missing something? Thanks.
Okay, I found the XLS 1000. Is the 602 XLS in the same class? Just for driving bass...
It might be same class. Make sure that it has volume adjust just like XLS1000.