bi-amp question

I have a pair of double run bi-wire speaker cables. That means they have four wires on the speaker end, two on the receiver end. I also have a receiver that allows me to use the 6th and 7th channels to bi-amp. Can I just flip my bi-wire speakers around and leave the crossovers on my speakers connected? Or do I need new cables?
I think if you just flip the wires around you will let the magic smoke out of the receiver. It will cause a short between the channel pairs.

You need different cables, or modify the ones you have to insure the four conductors are separate on each end.
Agree with Whoaru99.
The magic smoke is important to keep INSIDE the equipment, and not have it flow out.
Aside from that.. you may need an external crossover to biamp anyway. Keep it as you have it now.
I know that was kind of a newbie question but I did setup my system as described and it didn't short out. The positive and negatives are separate in my cable so there's no short but I'm guessing that I won't draw the extra current or benefit from keeping an independent draw for high/low.
If you're talking about the surround channels on a HT amp... Bad, bad idea. Stick your nose in the woofer.
No smoke. Consider yourself lucky...
Not only did it not short things out, it sounded almost the same so that's why I was confused.